Thursday, 28 September 2017

NEW patio laying technique.

Extension work has been completed at this house in Marlow, leaving a rather messy outside space.
Bi-fold doors opening into the garden are very popular with open plan kitchen and lounge. This makes the garden an even more important space to be considered when extending the house. This client wanted to bring the aspect of the garden into the interior living space.This was achieved by providing a floor height the same as the garden patio height, so once doors are open the garden flows into the house.
Flooding and the increased likelihood of flash flooding raises concerns over lifting the patio above the damp course of the house. After much research we have discovered a patio laying system that solves this problem.

The image shows the use of raisable pedestals that take the weight of the patio stone and lift the patio height as required. This allows plenty of drainage and equally spaced tiles (with the aid of built in spacers) and an overall great final look.