Tuesday, 29 November 2011

We have further improved the tap safe by incorporating an integral lock

(so its no longer necessary to purchase a padlock).

The new model replaces the existing model and our Website will be updated with images of the new tap safe in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Why Let your Garden Dry Out

Why Let your Garden Dry Out – When a Low-Cost Water Irrigation System can Cost Less than £60

Although water irrigation systems are widely used overseas UK gardeners and landscapers have taken a little longer to discover the many benefits they offer. With the arrival of a number of new low-cost and efficient systems designed for DIY installation, irrigation systems are now set to become a great way to save time, energy and money in the garden.

Blue Skies Water Systems is one the country's leading suppliers of water irrigation systems and has seen a marked uptake in systems over the past year from both the DIY market and professional landscapers alike. In the past there has been a common misconception that irrigation is an expensive luxury but today there are kits available for under £60. With a battery operated timer the unit is perfectly safe and suitable for gardens where children and pets will play. Being fully automatic, the system takes care of watering the lawn, plants and shrubs at the same time every day without the need for a gardener's involvement, nor favours from neighbours while away on holiday.

Blue Skies Water Systems provide a full range of irrigation systems including micro-irrigation for borders, flowerbeds, greenhouses and vegetable gardens, and drippers for hanging baskets, tubs and flower pots. Also available are pop-up sprinklers and free standing water sprinklers for lawns.

Micro irrigation systems drip-irrigate only where it is needed, such as the rootball of a plant. This also means that weeds are not watered at all. By setting the timer to water at night, water evaporation decreases by up to 70%, thereby saving a considerable amount on your water bill.

Apart from the time and money saved by installing an irrigation system, another important bonus is that by watering regularly and evenly plants are encouraged to grow healthily and bigger – in fact, plants can grow up to 49% faster and with up to 84% higher yields.

All systems are easily connected to an outdoor tap and are expandable should you decide to increase the size of your garden.

Blue Skies Water Systems have also recently introduced a range of water butts which are designed to be entirely compatible with their irrigation products as well as a number of solar irrigation systems which use natural daylight to pump water around the garden from a water butt.

To find out more about the benefits of water irrigation and view a full range of products now available visit the Blue Skies Water Systems website at www.blueskieswatersystems.co.uk.


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