Sunday, 7 February 2010

Solar powered irrigation

Blue Skies Water Systems -
The Heliomatic 130 waters automatically every 3 hours. The amount applied depends on 2 things - how much sunshine there has been and the position of the control knob. The pump can be set up to water large or small plants, but will always apply more water in sunnier conditions. 

The pump can supply up to 40 drippers or 5m of drip -line and is suitable for beds, baskets, row crops, pots, grow bags, specimen plants and tree establishment. 

Irrigation kit supplied provides enough water for 5 large hanging baskets or 40 5 litre pots. 
The water wand automatically waters your plants when you are not there and during the driest spells. Easily fitted and completely safe – use it anywhere in the garden – no mains power or mains water required. 

Hose pipe ban? – Not with the Waterwand. You can harvest rainwater in a water butt or tank and use it without restriction through hosepipe bans. But plan ahead, you need the storage capacity in place while it rains so the water is there when you need it. 

Positioning. – It needs to be in a sunny place, but can be some distance from the water source, self primes up to 2 metres above it and will not siphon even if the pump and drips are below the water level. 

Better plants – Rainwater is widely recognized as the best source of water for irrigation. For even better plants add a soluble fertilizer to you water but. 


A 10 dripper kit with 10m of tube and all necessary fittings. 

A 2 x 5m seephose kit for bed and row watering. Includes 5m tubing to deliver water to beds from your water butt. 

A 5 dripper hanging basket kit including 20m of tubing and all necessary fittings. 

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