Thursday, 21 February 2013

NEWS FLASH!!!!! Potato shortage.......prices could rise due to a unsuccessful growing year for potato's   The wet weather of 2012 may create a bad crop of the nations favorite vegetable.
Its time to consider 'GROW YOUR OWN'

There is nothing like digging up your own home grown food and serving them to friends and family. Those with young families can have a lot of family time and fun growing food. Children can get involved and understand the value of food while getting their hands dirty. (anything to get them outside and off the computer console).

Potato planting tips:
Once you have bought you seed potato s spread them out or put them in old egg box trays and keep them in a light, cool, frost free area - a porch or garage is ideal. This is called 'Chitting' and encourages the seed potato's to sprout before planting. This should be done 6 weeks before planting out the potato's. Aim for March depending on the weather. The 'Chits' should be short and stubby by the time you plant, avoid the long white ones.

Good luck.......and don't forget water -