Thursday, 18 December 2014

Another string to our bow - Flood management.

Another string to our bow- Property Level Prevention (PLP) flood defences.

We have been approached by a number of our customers looking for advise and implementation of flood defences for their homes.

 Working with hard landscaping that often involves aspects of walling, drainage, boreholes and water recycling systems, we have become very well placed to use this experience to offer flood defence options to our customers.

We have recently undertaken some work in this field, involving the following:

  • Flood channeling walls to gardens.
  • Sump and pump systems
  • water proofing for exterior walls
  • Self closing air bricks
  • Flood defender door barriers.
We are now working closely with 'UK flood barriers' a leading supplier of flood defence technology.
January 2015 we are becoming accredited by 'Bpec' (Britsh Plumbing Employers Council) this will take us to another level of specialism increasing survey and installation of flood mitigation products.

The Marlow area was greatly effected by the 2014 floods and the Wycombe county council are offering grants for such products to be installed in those homes that where effected. A 5K grant is available and we are able to offer a free estimate and advise on the how the money can be best spent.
Grants are available until March 2015.

Call Me (Alex Brown) to discuss further. 07752343968